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Kid's Imagination Train publishes bimonthly.  

           Details for the 2018 KIT Spring Contest will be announced in November

Guidelines for Illustrators and Writers  

Drawings can be added at any time, to past issues and to the current issue.  
Ages 5 - 12.

Original drawings need to be at least 4" x 4"  or up to 8 1/2" x 11" in size. 

Scanning:  Drawings can be scanned as jpegs using a medium quality setting.

Photographing:  This is the easiest way to submit a drawing.  Photograph your art using a digital camera or phone. Be sure you have good lighting because KIT will not be able to publish pictures that are too light, too dark, or fuzzy.

Indicate the first name of the artist.  Send the picture to:  kitillustratorsubmissions (at) gmail (dot) com

Ages  18 and older.  

Writers must provide an illustration or drawing for fiction and poetry. 
For nonfiction, we request that writers provide an illustration or obtain permission 
for a photo to accompany the submission. 

Address submission to Randi Lynn Mrvos.  All submissions should have a brief professional cover letter:  the hook, a brief synopsis, and your credentials. Please include a snail address so that payment may be mailed. When submitting, put your last name, the title and genre in the subject line of the email. Turn around time is about six weeks.  

should run about 300 words. Fiction should run about 500 words.  Both poetry and fiction should lend itself to illustration. Scary or violent stories will not be considered. Double space work.  Place word count and contact information on the top right hand corner of manuscript. Payment is $5.00.

Nonfiction should run about 500 words.  Aim for no higher than 6th grade reading level. Topics should be entertaining, educational, and written for elementary-age children.  

Single space work using Times New Roman 12 point font and double space between paragraphs. Place word count and contact information on the top right hand corner of the manuscript. Have your article reviewed by an expert. Include a bibliography using the Chicago Manual of Style.  A minimum of three sources are required.  We prefer primary sources and current books.  Two reliable Internet sources may be used.  Payment is $10.00.  Send to:   kitauthorsubmissions (at) gmail (dot) com 

KIT does not accept multiple or simultaneous submissions. All rights to published submissions revert to author after publication.  

Failure to follow the guidelines will result in an automatic rejection. 

Rejections:  Submissions that fail to follow the guidelines are rejected. Some submissions however, are returned with suggestions for edits and may be re-submitted.  

Editing tip:  Do not rush revision.  Edit your work over several days, put it on the back burner, and then look at it again with fresh eyes.  Please refrain from returning an edited manuscript in less than a week.  

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