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About KIT

Kid's Imagination Train e-zine

Kid's Imagination Train was created to encourage kids to read and to learn.  We also wanted to give kids the opportunity to illustrate our features and have their work published online.  Drawing pictures benefits kids because it offers them a chance to be creative while reflecting on what they've read. 

The second reason KIT was developed was to give writers an opportunity to have their stories and articles published.  With KIT, writers can earn credits to build their bios.   

KIT began as a blog in 2013.  Since then, our little magazine has evolved.  The homepage acquired a professional look thanks to the work of a graphic designer. We added an audio page where children may listen to stories and articles. How cool is that?  And, KIT can be read as a flipbook.  

The staff of KIT donates their time and talents to the magazine so that children may enjoy a free online magazine.  

We accept donations to help us defray some of our publishing expenses.  Those who donate are recognized on our acknowledgement page with a special word of thanks. 

Contact editor Randi Lynn Mrvos: Rlmrvos@gmail.com

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